Living Rooms
Excellent remote coverage and modules
Personal Rooms
Simple and very affordable swtiches
Hotels & Hospitals
Home Theatre, TV, Charging Points, Lights etc. combinations
Commercial Establishments
Support a wide variety customizations
For Conference rooms, director rooms etc.
Popular Products
CURO M - MRP Rs. 1420/-
1 Light & 1 Fan Control
COMBO M - MRP Rs. 2700/-
3 Lights & 1 Fan Control
CUBE L - MRP Rs. 1780/-
3 Lights Operation
CUBE F - MRP Rs. 1980/-
1 Fan Control with Speed Display
About US Customer Speaks

BIG i Technology is a high technology enterprise backed by extensive product research, quality manufacture and strong service set up. Our company has a strong research team composed of qualified professionals with sound knowledge in wireless control, infrared, motion sensor and touch control technology.

BIG i introduces a range of Remote Switches for lights and fans, which can be operated from Remote thus revolutionizing the way we live with manual operations and signaling a big step towards home & office automation.

A team of BIG i having huge experience & expertise in designing & delivering micro control circuitry to suit various needs has brought forth different models of remote control switches and for lights and digital dimmers for fans thus endeavoring towards making life easy & hassle free.

Apart from the virtue of being user friendly and useful, our remote systems provide the ease & speed to control the lights & fans, which could save lot of energy. BIG i is, as such contributing to the national efforts to save energy.

I don't know that an electrical switch qualifies as awesome, but this one does in my opinion.These switches work flawlessly! Responds very quickly and handles just about every load. LED, CFL, fans, etc. We are very happy with this product. Just bought a bunch more. I would recommend these to anyone. Great Product.
- Bharat

Very good Product, Stylish and In-expensive, It would provide you a lot of comfort. Easy to install with basic electrical knowledge.
- Ajay

Great Product. I haven't experienced any of the problems others have had. My switch is mounted about 20 feet away. It controls five separate lamps/fans. It works without fail every time. I've had no false on/off instances. Highly Recommended
- Shekhar

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